Experienced Buffalo, NY Divorce Mediator

As an experienced Buffalo divorce mediator, I know that conflicts and disputes are common in every relationship transition. A divorce mediator plays a crucial role in protecting the interests of people where severe power imbalances or hostilities exist between them. I am a trusted family law expert with unmatched expertise. I am dedicated to resolving the often emotional issues that can arise in family law.

Will Divorce Mediation work for me?

Mediation can work for you. It requires one thing to begin: A willingness by both parties to sit with me, and each other, in a safe environment and together to undertake some efficient and educated exploration of options that are available to Buffalo families.

Working as your mediator attorney I have the necessary skills to help guide you through the mediation process. No matter how simple or complex your issues are, I am focused on a resolution.

Why Divorce Mediation?

One of the primary advantages of mediation is that the process gives you an opportunity to choose the outcome of your family law issue. Unlike family court where the judge finally issues an order that often is not exactly what you wanted, mediation allows you to craft an understanding between both of you that you can both live with. Additionally, for individuals faced with financial issues, mediation is a better option to reduce the costs of a divorce.

Family Law Mediation

Having worked in family law I know not all family law issues center around divorce. Often additional problems flare up concerning child support, child custody and child visitation for unmarried parents or legally separated spouses. I have the understanding to help guide you through the family law mediation process.

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