Divorce Mediation in Cheektowaga, NY

One of the most stressful and trying experiences for anyone is a divorce. They are emotionally, physically and mentally draining. Typically, litigated divorces also include countless meetings with attorneys who will represent your side of the story, resulting in large expenses.

As a divorce mediator, I provide an alternative for couples across Cheektowaga. I act as the sole mediator between both spouses, bringing together a simpler resolution compared to litigation.

What is Divorce Mediation?Divorce mediation in Cheektowaga NY

Through divorce mediation, I will guide you and your spouse through creating a divorce resolution that formalizes matters of separation and responsibilities of each spouse in the context of your family and future. This happens in a private setting where you both will speak freely and fairly as we create your divorce agreement.

What Are The Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

You will experience several important benefits when choosing mediation over a traditional divorce.

  • A lower financial burden due to reduced legal fees and court fees
  • Child-focused parenting plans built into agreements
  • Mediation requires less time to complete
  • You and your spouse maintain greater control over the divorce process 
  • Your dispute will not be in the public record, keeping your privacy
  • Allows you to design a divorce agreement between both parties

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