Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Alternative Dispute Resolution is an alternative option to litigation or having a Judge decide your case. ADR includes mediation, collaborative practice and out of court negotiations and settlement. A majority of my practice is dedicated to these alternative methods of resolution to find common ground and reach a fair agreement. I added mediation to my practice fifteen years ago and I am passionate about the mediation process, how it works and why it works. Often clients think they have to come to mediation with everything already worked out between them or that they can’t possibly mediate because they are so far apart in their positions. Not true. My job as a mediator is to help you reach a fair agreement by gathering information, listening to your concerns, facilitating communication and finding common ground within which to solve the problem. I truly believe that anything can be mediated. I have been mediating for many many years and started by solo practice BECAUSE I wanted to be a mediator.

Although the topics can certainly be difficult to discuss at times, the process of addressing those topics directly, in a controlled setting, with an experienced and neutral attorney-mediator has long term benefits to those involved going forward.

My past experience as a general practice attorney included bankruptcy and landlord/tenant issues. My current real estate practice helps to round out my abilities to mediate issues relating to debts, the marital residence, refinance, sale of property, etc. as these issues often arise in a divorce.

Michelle is on the Western District of New York Federal Court Mediation Panel as of July 2019