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Settling a divorce in a courtroom can be a highly uncomfortable experience, but not every divorce needs to end up that way! Through a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse will find guidance from attorneys who represent your side without escalating the divorce into a court appearance before a judge. Through a series of four-way meetings, all the arrangements for divorce will be handled without leaving anything unsettled. The collaborative divorce process may require additional support from mediators and other family specialists, which includes members of our law office, making it easier for you to connect with.

How does a Collaborative Divorce Work?East Amherst, NY Divorce Mediation

With each spouse having their own attorney, the legal proceedings in a collaborative divorce will be completely accounted for. This ensures that your family arrangements, finances, and assets are all acknowledged fairly under the protection and jurisdiction of family law.

You will meet privately with your attorney to discuss your situation and plan accordingly for the future. Additionally, there will be meetings with both parties to communicate and reach an agreement for your divorce. When an agreement is reached, all the legal documents will be drafted by your attorneys to reach an uncontested divorce, resulting in no court appearance for you or your spouse. 

Is A Collaborative Divorce Right For Me?

Offering control and limiting expenses in a lengthy divorce proceeding, having your own collaborative divorce attorney may be a wise arrangement to consider. With the help of an attorney by your side through the process, you will be represented fairly without overlooking anything that could negatively impact your future. 

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