Divorce Mediation Services in Amherst, NY

divorce mediator meeting with a couple

Whether you are considering a divorce or going through a separation, you need to carefully find people to support you in the process. Many choose to approach a traditional divorce attorney, however, this often turns into a prolonged litigation process that can be difficult to manage. Divorce mediation provides an opportunity to reach a settlement in a more productive manner that also requires less time and expenses. 

How Is Divorce Mediation Different Than Litigation?

To legally divorce, there needs to be an agreement from both parties detailing finances and parenting responsibilities between a couple. This will be approved through an official court order, however, there are different ways to reach this point. Litigation involves hiring personal lawyers for each spouse who will open negotiations to form a divorce settlement. This process takes a different amount of time for each situation, however, if negotiations cannot be reached, your attorneys may push the case into court, taking even more time and money.

Divorce mediation, on the other hand, involves meeting with one mediator, who will guide you through discussions that cover issues to plan for as you prepare a divorce agreement. Through mediation, you and your spouse can reach a quicker agreement without needing attorneys to negotiate, all outside of a public court appearance. Working with fewer people in a quicker timeframe, divorce mediation also results in lower costs.

Speak With Michelle About Mediation

Divorce mediation relies on open communication and a mediator that can facilitate discussion effectively. If you are not sure whether this approach is right for your situation, you can always call us or visit our office in Amherst to receive more advice. Speak with Michelle Bullock Esq., to have any questions about divorce mediation answered today!