West Seneca, NY Divorce Mediation

Few things in life are as challenging as a divorce. In order to finalize a divorce, couples experience increased stress that can easily become overwhelming.

As a divorce mediator, I provide an alternative for couples in West Seneca that eliminates the most difficult elements of a traditional divorce: increased legal fees and lengthy discussions. Divorce mediation results in a simpler agreement that only requires working with one mediator, making the process more efficient for you and your spouse.

What is Divorce Mediation?Divorce mediation in West Seneca NY

Through divorce mediation, you and your spouse will be guided through formalizing a divorce agreement by a mediator. This happens in a private setting that requires less time orchestrating meetings with personal attorneys, with both attorneys and possible court appearances with a judge.

What Are The Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

You will experience several important benefits when choosing mediation over a traditional divorce.

  • More affordable due to substantially lower legal and court fees
  • Provides parenting plans that focus on children
  • Requires less time to complete than the traditional divorce process
  • Gives you and your spouse increased control
  • Your dispute will not be in the public record, maintaining confidentiality
  • Allows you to design a divorce agreement that represents both parties

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